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Citrus County was very fortunate to be spared the destruction and devastation from Hurricane Dorian. Our luck may not be that great the second time around, that’s why I would like to encourage every resident to get a plan before disaster strikes.

If you don’t have a plan already, GET ONE! Click on our ‘Emergency Management’ tab above to locate resources on how to make a plan. You can also visit, to choose your plan based on their questionnaire. Just having a plan isn’t enough, review your plan, print it out, and communicate it with your family.

Now I know many of you may have heard us say this before, but if you don’t have an emergency kit – now is the time to make one. Emergency kits typically have water and food to last you and your family seven days. Food, water, flashlights, batteries, first aid kit, lighters/fluid, dish soap, hand sanitizer, paper products, extra cash, pet supplies, etc.

Don’t forget to create an evacuation plan and know your evacuation routes. If you are supposed to evacuate, do so immediately. If you don’t have to and choose to stay, locate the safest areas of your home to bunker down in. If you don’t know your evacuation zone, visit our website, scroll down on the left-hand side, and click on the Citrus County evacuation map.

Now let’s talk communication. Have a fully-charged cellphone available for emergencies. Most importantly, monitor television, radio, and stay tuned to our social media (@SheriffCitrus) and Alert Citrus for real-time, accurate updates of the storm.

Like I said earlier, we were very fortunate not to suffer the destruction of Hurricane Dorian but that may not be the case with the next hurricane. Please, take this time to prepare and #PlanAheadCitrus.

Yours in Service,

Sheriff Mike Prendergast










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Citrus County Most Wanted

NAME: David Michael Kio

Wanted for:
Two counts of possession of firearm ammunition by a felon and grand theft motor vehicle.

AGE: 34

HEIGHT: 5'11"