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Citizen's Academy Application

The Citrus County Sheriff's Office Citizens' Academy is designed as a hands-on, interacive, behind-the-scenes, educational series of classes.

Offered FREE of charge, the 12-week course is taught by experienced sheriff's officials who share their unique perspective on law enforcement.

Sheriff Mike Prendergast invites you to attend the Citizens' Academy and experience the excitiement of law enforcement!

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Notice: The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office has asked that you provide your Social Security number. The decision to provide your Social Security number is at your option. If you choose to provide your Social Security number, the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office will use it for the purposes of identification and may share the information with other agencies for the same purpose. The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office’s request for your Social Security number is authorized by State Law because use of it is imperative for the office to fulfill its lawful duties and responsibilities.

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