David Vincent


East District Patrol

1993-1994 Citrus County Sheriff's Office Communications Officer
1994-1996 Road Patrol Deputy
1996-2002 Special Investigations Unit Detective
1997-2004 Bomb Squad Member
2002-2011 School Resource Officer
2011-2012 School Resource Officer Sergeant
2012-2014 East Operations Sergeant
2004-Present Bomb Squad Commander
2014-2017 Training Division Commander
2017 East District Patrol Commander

Dave has been a member of the Sheriff's Office for 24 years and has held assignments in the Communications Division, Patrol Division and Criminal Investigations Division. He is currently the East District Patrol Commander.

In 2007, Dave graduated with Honors from Florida Gulf Coast University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Studies. He is also a graduate of the 129th Administrative Officers Course at the University of Louisville.

As a secondary duty, Dave is an original member of the Citrus County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad and a certified Bomb Technician with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In 2004 he was promoted to the position of Bomb Squad Commander.