IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY DIAL 9-1-1           NON-EMERGENCY LINE (352) 249-2790

Communications Division

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Troy Hess

The Communications Division is the Primary Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for all of Citrus County. They represent the initial first responders who frequently provide life-saving instructions to callers or act as an intermediary to manage dangerous situations before law enforcement can arrive on scene. Our dedicated staff of certified Communications personnel answer all incoming emergency (9-1-1) and non-emergency telephone calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue, and EMS in Citrus County.

In 2022, the Communications Division handled a total of 207,998 calls- 84,339 of them being direct to 9-1-1.  Recently, our staff implemented a Text to 9-1-1 system in order to keep up with expanding technology and enhance the service capabilities to our citizens. Additionally, our personnel maintain the Computer Aided Dispatch system and radio towers throughout the county to ensure our deputies, firefighters, and EMS units are provided reliable communications anywhere in Citrus County.     

It cannot be understated the vital role our Communications Division performs in the mission of Public Safety by providing critical information to the men and women responding to calls for service received by citizens and numerous visitors in our community. It is essential that during the implementation of these duties our Communications Officers remain the consummate professional voice of composure, while multi-tasking the response of field units, often during times of chaos and despair. To accomplish these demands, our Communications Officers are extremely well trained in a multitude of areas to meet the standards of Florida Statute 401.465 and are cross-trained in all facets of emergency communications functions, CPR, and crisis intervention.