IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY DIAL 9-1-1           NON-EMERGENCY LINE (352) 249-2790

Evidence Unit

The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office maintains evidence and property collected in connection with criminal investigations, found property and events requiring temporary secure storage. 

Sheriff’s Office personnel collect, package and barcode items then submit them to the Evidence Unit.  The Evidence Unit assigns the location of each item and is responsible for the maintenance, transfer and disposal of items.

Return of Property

All evidence/property, with the exception of safe keeping items, requires an approved property release submitted by the case manager or a court order signed by a judge.

            Property Release:  To begin this process, contact the Evidence Unit by phone or Email. 
                                                See instructions below.

            Court Order:  You must provide the original signed court order to the Evidence Unit. 

            Firearms:  Firearms will only be returned after a successful completion of a
                                Background check. (There is no fee for the background check).

            Instructions for Release of Evidence/Property:

  • Evidence/property may only be released Monday – Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.
  • It is suggested to make an appointment for the retrieval of evidence/property to ensure Evidence personnel is available.
  • Contact the Evidence Unit to begin the Property Release process at
    • 352-341-7435
    • Email
    • Include the CCSO case report number, if possible, the name of the person(s) involved, the items being inquired about, and return contact information.
  • Providing your CCSO case report number will help expedite the release of property.

Found / Lost Property

If you have lost your property, please contact the Evidence Unit at 352-341-7435 or to determine if it has been turned in.

Property that has been found and turned in to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office is posted at the Inverness Operations building and on this website. Click Here.

Property that is valued over $100.00, or is claimed by the finder, is advertised in the Citrus County Chronicle in the Legal section with a heading of “Forfeiture – CCSO”.

Rules of Found / Lost Property:

  • This type of property is held as safe keeping for 90 days after it comes into the possession of CCSO.
  • Only the finder of the property can make a claim; if the owner does not claim within the 90 days, possession reverts to the finder.
    • The finder is required to place a deposit on the item which is refundable by the owner if claimed.
    • The finder is required to make the claim, including deposit, within 10 days of turning it over to CCSO.
    • Firearms and other weapons are only able to be claimed by the owner.

Contact information:

Liz Laughlin, Evidence Custodian Supervisor