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(Citrus County, FL) On December 27, at approximately 9:30 p.m., the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) communications center received a call in reference to a shooting that had just occurred off South Great Oaks Drive in Floral City.

Within minutes, deputies arrived on the scene and located victim one, a 27-year-old white male with multiple gunshot wounds who stated he had been shot and described the vehicle in which the suspects possibly fled. While rendering aid to the victim, the deputies saw a vehicle matching the description roughly 50 yards away.
After ensuring the victim’s safety, deputies approached the vehicle where they discovered victim two, a 21-year-old white male who had also been shot multiple times. Despite attempting life-saving efforts on scene, victim two’s injuries were not survivable.

Major Crimes Detective Dan Slingerland responded to the scene and began working on this case and the events leading up to the shooting. During his investigation, Detective Slingerland identified two suspects, 20-year-old Jevaris Nathan Dortch and 20-year-old David Julian Murrell, both from Floral City. Based upon the investigation, Detective Slingerland believes robbery was the motive behind the shooting.

"In less than 24 hours after the incident, arrest warrants were obtained for both Dortch and Murrell, and they were taken into custody by 5 p.m. on December 28.
“Cases like these are devastating for our community,”
said Sheriff Prendergast. “Although, the first victim in this case was lucky to survive, another was murdered during this failed robbery. Thanks to the diligent work of Detective Slingerland, our community now has some answers and our victims will have justice. Consequently, these two young defendants will spend the rest of their lives in prison because of their poor decisions.”

Their charges are as follows: (No Bond)
Jevaris Dortch (DOB 08/09/2001): Premeditated Murder, Attempted Premeditated Murder, Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon, and Shoot/Throw Deadly Missile into Dwelling/Conveyance.
David Murrell (DOB 1/04/2001): Premeditated Murder, Attempted Premeditated Murder, and Shoot/Throw Deadly Missile into Dwelling/Conveyance.

At this time, our investigation into this deadly shooting is continuing. Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact our office and speak with our Major Crimes Unit by calling (352)249-2790. Citizens may also report information anonymously by calling Citrus County Crime Stoppers at 1-888-ANY-TIPS.
Posted on 29 Dec 2021

by John Southworth @ 15 Jan 2022 01:50 am
Sounds like great work. It's good to know that bad guys don't stay free for long. Good job Det. Slingerland.
John Southworth, Retired LEO form Michigan Cape Coral resident 9 yrs.
by Truth Seeker @ 16 Jan 2022 09:01 pm
Victims were white. Killers were black. Funny how if it was reversed how the reporting would be different.
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