(Citrus County, FL) Last week the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team competed in the 2021 International SWAT Round-Up International competition in Orlando, Florida.

We are pleased to announce, CCSO’s SWAT team placed 3rd out of the 42 teams in this year’s pulse-pounding, international competition. More than a competition, this event was a weeklong training opportunity for all to not only outperform themselves, but to work as a unified group striving for excellence.

This annual competition tested the well-rounded abilities of each participant, focusing on real-world scenarios, from sniper drills to physically demanding training exercises, to on-the-fly critical thinking assessments, and much more. Each event challenged the team’s physical abilities, stamina, marksmanship, and teamwork.

The competition involved 42 SWAT teams from around the world, such as Hungary and Bosnia, and included teams from around the country. Nationally renowned instructors guide and score each team through their performance throughout these exhilarating exercises.

“We are proud of our SWAT team and their outstanding commitment to improving themselves and going up against the best of the best,” said Sheriff Prendergast. “Although the competition was one week long, the exceptionally superior performance of these men is a testament to their peerless dedication of better serving the citizens of Citrus County. I have no doubt our team will continue to lead the way and build upon the foundation set at this year’s SWAT Round-Up.”

Please join us in congratulating our team members from this year’s SWAT Round-Up competition and for keeping our community safe year-round:

• Deputy Thomas Beagan
• Lt. Bobby Lambert
• Sgt. Brian Casalvieri
• Dep. John Boudreau
• Dep. Rudy Danner
• Dep. Donald Hunter
• Dep. Kyle Riemer
• Sgt. Heath Schaffer
• Dep. Geoffrey Blotz
• Undisclosed (but still appreciated)