(Citrus County, FL) The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) Training Section coordinated a training session with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) to facilitate a 16-hour ‘Single Officer Response to Active Threat and Shooter Incident’ training scenario in preparation for the upcoming school year. The training took place at Crystal River High School over two days, Tuesday and Wednesday this week, with both CCSO’s School Resource Deputies (SRD) and school Guardians in attendance.

This training taught by FDLE officials is one of several courses that address the role of the SRD and is intended to prepare the SRD to respond immediately to an active shooter incident. During this training, SRDs are taught the mental and technical aspects of a single-officer response to an active assailant, including:

• Psychological/Physiological Response
• Principles of Response
• The Importance of Immediate Response
• Tactical Movement and Angles
• Aftermath/Recovery

It is vital when different entities respond to a critical incident, such as the Sheriff’s Office, Fire Rescue/EMS, and school Guardians, that there is continuity in the deployment efforts to not only understand each other’s tactics, roles, and expectations, but to eliminate the threat.

The Sheriff’s Office has been conducting Active Shooter/Assailant trainings for many years in both the School Resource Deputy program and agency in-service training. These trainings incorporate stressors and how they affect deputy and guardian responses along with tactical maneuvers and overall situational awareness.

“Our office takes an aggressive stance in safeguarding our youth. Coordinating this training is just one of the many efforts we make to ensure a safe school year for our students. Thank you to the FDLE instructors who came to Citrus County to provide this imperative course to our SRDs, and the School District’s participation of its Guardians, along with the furnishing of a school venue,” said Sheriff Prendergast. “Through these collaborations, we fiercely prepare ourselves to defeat threats and remove any potential hazard that may endanger our students and schools.”