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Records/Public Records Request Form

To better assist you and provide documents responsive to your request, please complete the information requested

Per Florida Statute, if submitting a Public Record/Freedom of Information Act, you are not required to put your request in writing; however, it will assist in ensuring that you are invoiced for and receive the correct data.

Records/Public Records Request Form

Public record requests require research and review for any statutory exemptions and cannot be completed the same day as requested.

Per Florida Statute, please note that you are not required to provide your name and/or telephone number. If you decide to do so, it may be helpful in processing your request.

For a listing of fees and methods of payment, please see fee schedule on our website.

Requests are processed in the order that they are received and can take up to 30 business days to be fulfilled and/or invoiced. Processing time may be longer due to the nature and extent of the request. Furthermore, the processing time may be affected by other business processes that have statutory and/or court ordered time limits for completion and, therefore, will take priority over a public records request.

Should your request require extensive clerical or supervisory costs, you will be provided an invoice for the estimated costs associated with your request; this estimate must be paid prior to the start of any records production.

The result for some requests requiring extensive clerical or supervisory labor may be negative and the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office may not have records responsive to the public records request. Deposits will not be returned for labor expended researching requests even if the search produces no responsive records.

Public records requests will be closed if the requesting party fails to pay the estimated or final invoice or fails to respond to clarification inquiries pertaining to a public records request thirty (30) days following the issuance of the invoice or clarification inquiry. If you have previously received an estimated or final invoice and you have not paid the costs associated with that request, the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office will not provide records for subsequent requests until such time as the past due amounts have been paid. After payment is received, the outstanding request will be resubmitted and processed as a new request. If a response to an inquiry for clarification is made after 30 days from the inquiry, the request will be resubmitted and processed as a new request.